…is Feeding The Geek about?

It’s more than fair to say that I am a geek. Not in the old-school¬† “circus geek in the sideshow¬†who bites the heads off live chickens” sense, but in the current meaning of the word: someone with deep knowledge of and/or more than a bit of an obsession for specific fields of interest, usually technical or uncommon fields.

My geek obsessions fall into three specific categories:

  • computers and home technology
  • food (cooking, baking, grilling, barbecuing (and those last two are different))
  • poetry and language

That’s what I’ll be blogging about. Not politics, nor music, nor film or tv, nor religion per se .I’ll be writing little chunks of food for thought about the geeky things I care about. If you geek out about those things, my hope is that what I write feeds your obsessions as well.


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